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What is an analysis of the classification of flame retardants and flame retardants


The flame retardant board is also known as flammable plate, flame-retardant plywood, refractory plywood and so on. The flame retardant plate is made up of wood segments cut into veneers or wood planers, and thin wood is cut into thin veneers. The three storey or multi-storey plate materials are made by flame retardant treatment of veneers, and then glued together with adhesives. They are usually made of odd numbered veneers, and the fiber direction of adjacent layers is perpendicular to each other. Flame retardant flame retardant plate plate with wood as the main raw material for the production of the fine processing and production process of its rationality in the structure, can largely overcome the wood defects greatly improve and enhance the physical and mechanical properties of wood, but also overcomes the defects of flame retardant plywood plywood flammable defects, effectively improve the flame retardancy of the flame retardant plywood. Board production is an important way to make rational use of wood, improve the properties of wood.

Classification of Flame Retardants:

A kind of flame retardant plate for weather resistance, boiling water resistance, flame retardant plywood, from here have durability, high temperature resistance, advantages of steam treatment.

The two type of flame retardant plate is water resistant and flame retardant board, it can be impregnated in cold water and short time hot water impregnation.

The three type of flame retardant plate is moisture resistant and flame retardant plate, which can be impregnated in cold water for a short time. It is suitable for indoor room temperature. Used for furniture and general construction purposes.

Four kinds of flame retardant plate for moisture resistant flame retardant plate, used in indoor situation, mainly for the production and general use flame retardant plate timber has basswood, ash, birch, elm, poplar etc..


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