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Flame retardant cable is an inevitable choice for the development of the times

In recent years, fire accidents occur frequently throughout the country, resulting in great personal and economic losses. The wire and cable industry is an important supporting industry in the national economy, and the demand for flame-retardant cables is also increasing. But now, no matter some purchasing units can understand the flame retardant cable only by literal meaning, and do not correctly understand and understand the flame-retardant cable, it is very necessary to popularize the related knowledge of flame-retardant cable products.

For example, the first problem to be solved is that the fire retardant wire and cable can prevent the fire from spreading. The flame retardant performance of flame retardant wire and cable is defined as the length of combustion and self extinguishing according to the specifications of wire and cable, the way of installation, and the prescribed fire intensity. The flame retardant test standard of wire and cable stipulates that after removing the fire source, the wire and cable continue to burn a certain distance and turn out to be qualified. In buildings, even if the flame-retardant wire and cable are used, the wire and cable will only burn for a few meters at the beginning of the fire, and then it will ignite other combustibles nearby when it extinguished.

For example, in luxury entertainment, decoration materials are almost all combustible and the amount is huge, the hall, corridor and the walls of the room is covered with combustible material. Moreover, in violent buildings and fires, almost all organic building materials and articles are reduced to ashes, and even steel beams can be fused. Any flame-retardant wire and cable will not help. Therefore, in order to find out the cause of the fire, we should not only make clear the short circuited situation, but also do not think about the flame-retardant properties of the wire and cable. Besides, many buildings do not use flame-retardant wire and cable. The most effective way to prevent the spread of wire and cable fires is to use fire sensitive, automatic sprinkler device, or wire and cable all buried in walls, or in iron pipes.

In addition, the fire from the poison curse is cable? On this point we can find the answer from a historical example. The April 1982 Falklands War fire British warships was hit, a lot of people smoke poison, severe corrosion of the electronic equipment on the ship. At Dusseldorf Airport in Germany in April 1996, 16 people died, 60 people were injured, and the corrosion loss of the airport electronic equipment was serious. These two fires have made Europeans realize the principle of replacing PVC wires and cables with low - smoke and halogen - free wires and cables.

Since then, all countries in the world have emulated, and the low smoke halogen-free wire and cable came into being. Today, its research and development and application are becoming more and more intense. However, the American scientist Stephen Zundel pointed out: the building of building materials, PVC not only can burn, not just PVC can emit toxic gases and smoke and other building materials can be more serious; as for the toxicity of the gas, carbon monoxide (CO) toxic than hydrogen chloride (HCL) more and how did people say?

In addition, senior technical experts in Norway a cable company also pointed out: PVC cable burning emit toxic halogen gas, CO gas and combustion toxicity of other organic substances from the larger, so only against PVC is not reasonable, but the development of this trend, wire and cable manufacturers can only follow the situation to go. This is the evaluation of the so-called low smoke halogen free cables by British and American scientists.

In this case, it should be understood that frequent fires have made the wire and cable industry be humiliated for many years. Especially the society has almost formed a consensus, namely building fire casualties due to the poor quality of wire and cable, small and medium-sized enterprises are inferior processing of wire and cable wire and cable products, therefore, small and medium-sized cable companies can not shirk responsibility for building fire, should be severely punished. What I am talking about here is not to fight against the meaning of fake and inferior wire and cable products, but to call on the departments concerned to clarify the real causes of the building electrical fires, so as to effectively integrate fire prevention and control, not just stare at the wire and cable products and industries.

Most of the cable fire accidents occur in the power production system, especially in the production sites such as power plants and substations. This is because the cables used in these premises are everywhere in the corner, and a large number of them are built by tunnels or aerial densely laid. Some cables are still in a harsh environment close to or parallel to the high-temperature objects. The cable layout density is higher in the cable sandwich room, and there is a natural ventilation caused by the height difference of the cable shaft. Especially the cable insulation is high calorific value flammable material, and the power cable is in the heating state under the running state.

Under these special conditions, no matter the electric arc produced by the cable itself or the fire outside the cable, it will cause the cable to fire and quickly burn along it, resulting in disastrous consequences. It can be said that all the major fire accidents occurred at the production site of power plants and substations were all affected by the cable fire or the cable extension. Therefore, the demand for flame retardant cable is becoming more and more large, and it is an urgent and important work to pay attention to the fire protection of cable in the field of electric power production.


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