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Flame retardant becomes the key of new fire retardant coating technology

Development of fire retardant coatings technology. The key part of the fire retardant coating is the flame retardant. In recent years, the research on the flame retardant technology and the development and application of the flame retardant products have been paid attention to. The main direction of development: development of multi effect, high efficiency and low water soluble catalyst dehydration and foaming agent; various flame retardant synergistic effect of reasonable collocation; the combination of modified resin, improve the fireproof performance and physicochemical properties; intumescent and non intumescent coatings combination; inorganic halogen free expansion fire retardant paint.

The development of fireproof sheet technology. Compared with the traditional plate, the modern new type of environmental protection plate is more popular. Not only the relationship between price factors, people's awareness of environmental protection is also a very important promotion. The environment-friendly fashion lets the plank manufacturers not only pay attention to the price and process of raw materials alone, but also have very high requirements for the selection of raw materials. The increase of high-rise buildings, the emergence of fire requirements and high strength requirements are also retesting the performance of the plate. Some flammable plates have been restricted to use, and people's attention to environmental protection and health has also raised higher standards for the board. The direction of development is: 1. plate inorganic. Xonotlite plate is ideal refractory steel structure new decorative fireproof plate protection in 90s on behalf of the international advanced level, especially suitable for high (high) office buildings, high-grade hotels, large commercial center, recreation center, computer room, large industrial plants, warehouses, steel structure building and fire prevention in key areas of fire protection and decoration engineering. The 2. sheet is light and light. Palusol fireproof board is an expansive building material. Its main ingredient is hydrated sodium silicate. It expands after being heated and keeps good fire and smoke proof performance, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation and noise isolation. The material also has the characteristics of light weight and thin thickness, which can reduce the cost of building components. Building components, such as fireproof doors and fireproof sleeves, made of Palusol's board for several years, are a wise choice for long term safety fire protection.


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