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Building decoration materials must pass the high cost of flame retardancy Technology

The special rectification activities of flammable, flammable and decorative materials for public gathering place jointly launched by the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Administration of work safety started in February 20th for a period of 60 days. Special rectification is an important content of interior decoration materials comply with fire safety requirements, as well as its combustion performance level is in accordance with the "code for fire protection design of interior decoration of buildings", "public places of flame retardant products and components, combustion performance requirements and marking" national standard requirements on the combustion performance of substandard materials to be cleaned up and the deadline rectification. This action will test the flame retardancy of polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other chemical building materials.

In recent years, the public gathering places for illegal use of flammable and combustible decoration materials in fire accidents qunsiqunshang. In January 31st this year, a major fire broke out in the Latin bar in Changle, Fujian province. 15 people were killed and 24 were injured. The direct cause of the fire is to ignite fireworks and ignite flammable and combustible materials at the top of the bar, which include polyurethane foam. In 2005, the bar fire of "12.25" in Zhongshan city of Guangdong Province, the "9.25" fire of Fuzhou bar in Jiangxi Province in 2007 and the 9.20 fire in Shenzhen Hall of Guangdong Province in 2008 were all typical cases. The cause of the fire is closely related to a large number of flammable and combustible materials, such as polyurethane.

PVC sheet and polyurethane foam, phenolic foam, polystyrene foam and other chemical materials widely used in architectural decoration materials, the rigid polyurethane foam sheet in the comprehensive performance than other materials more obvious advantages, is widely used in building materials, insulation materials, electrical appliances and furniture, bedding cushion materials and packaging materials such as sponge. But at the same time, these materials are combustible or flame retardant effect is not obvious, such as the PVC gusset plate and a splice plate burning can produce a lot of smoke in the flue gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and other toxic or irritant gas concentration is higher; phenolic foam combustion high cyanide and carbon monoxide in flue gas toxic smoke concentration; non flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam after combustion produce a lot of smoke, cyanide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gas concentration in flue gas is very high. In addition, if non flame retardant polystyrene foam is also a flammable material, a lot of smoke will be generated after combustion, including toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. The toxic smoke concentration of cyanide and carbon monoxide in the combustion flue gas of acrylic fabric is very high. If these materials are not used properly, a serious accident may be caused by a fire in the event of a fire.

Based on this, the special rectification will carry out centralized investigation and regulation, and decorate and decorate the public gathering place with flammable and flammable materials such as polyurethane foam plastics. It is ordered to make corrections within a specified time. This means that the building materials, which have no standard combustion performance, will gradually lose their foothold in the future.

According to the investigation made by the Japan Polyurethane Industry Association, the most effective way to improve the flame retardancy of the polyurethane material is to develop and apply the high efficiency flame retardant. Flame retardants can improve the fire resistance of rubber foam, polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene foam and other plastics, according to the technical staff of JINGWAH Beijing Yuanda thermal insulation material company, by adding flame retardant polyurethane materials, combustion level by combustible to difficult to burn, can effectively achieve the decoration materials related to the performance of current standard combustion.

 However, experts from the China Polyurethane Industry Association point out that the use of flame retardants in chemical building materials still has many technical and economic problems to be solved. Adding flame retardants can sometimes affect other properties of materials, such as the destruction of foam in foaming process, and how to ensure the improvement of flame retardancy, and ensure that the technical problems such as the service performance and dimensional stability of foam plastics still need to be tackled. In addition, although technically the use of flame retardants can obviously improve flame retardant properties of polyurethane and other chemical materials, but the flame retardant polyurethane material than the ordinary material cost will be increased by 30% or more, to promote the economic use of flame retardants should also become the focus of the industry.


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