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Promote the development of flame retardant industry to ensure environmental safety

In April 26, 2013, a symposium on flame retardants and environmental safety, sponsored by the China flame retardant society, was held in Beijing. The meeting was attended by the leaders of the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of the environment and the Ministry of the Ministry of the environment, and representatives of a number of industry associations and enterprises. At the meeting, the experts of the production, study and research circles around the application of the flame retardant.

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The problems of supervision and environmental health are discussed in depth.

In his speech, Professor Zhou Zhengmao, the Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of flame retardants, stressed the contribution of the flame retardant to environmental protection. He points out that fire is one of the sources of environmental pollution, whether it is in the city or in the natural environment. The application of flame retardants is an important and effective means to improve the fire safety grade of related products and meet the requirements of the corresponding fire safety standards and regulations. Some organizations exaggerated the harm of some flame retardants, such as brominated flame retardants, to the environment based on some unilateral experimental results, but ignored the damage of the fire itself to the ecological environment.

At the same time, Professor Zhou put forward a scientific attitude towards different series of flame retardants. He believes that different series of flame retardants have the advantages of each other, and there is no complete replacement relationship and should be coordinated development. He called on government departments to make more consideration of the impact of scientific basis and related policies on the upstream and downstream of domestic industry when making policy.

In view of the current social concern about the topic of flame retardants and environmental protection, Han Songqing, a member of China flame retardant society, pointed out: "polymerized and reactive flame retardants are one of the development directions of environment-friendly flame retardants, rather than halogen free flame retardants. No halogen-free time is a marketing word, and there is no direct relationship with environmental protection. There is no scientific evidence that the environmental protection of flame retardants is related to the specific elements such as halogen. The toxicological characterization of chemicals is related to their chemical structure but not related to specific elements. To illustrate this problem, Dr Han deliberately introduced the most stringent regulations of the EU chemicals, pointed out that the EU regulations without any discrimination or agent of a statement in support of non halogenated brominated flame retardant, this approach, on the domestic industry and decision-making should play a certain role. He said: "the regulatory authorities' scientific attitude towards chemical management is very important for the chemical industry and its downstream industries, for the mass consumers and even for the whole society."


In addition, the chairman of the Commission on the promotion and development of bromine flame retardants, Ms. Miao Jin Feng, chairman of Jiangsu Suli fine chemical Limited by Share Ltd, and other experts have made relevant reports, and introduced the general situation and development trend of flame retardants from a scientific point of view.

After the meeting, the leaders of the relevant departments and experts made full exchange. It has been said that this conference has great effect on correcting some previous misunderstandings about bromine flame retardants, so that we can know brominated flame retardants from a more authoritative and comprehensive perspective. China Flame Retardant Society Secretary General Zhou Zhengmao said that the future will continue to increase this seminar efforts aimed at providing professional scientific reference for decision makers, to convey accurate information to the industry and research institutions, to promote the healthy development of China's flame retardant and its related industries, build an economic development and environmental friendly win-win situation.


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