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Current market status of flame retardants

1. inorganic flame retardant magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide as not only the low price of green products, but the flame retardant efficiency is low, need high added amount can make the material of flame retardant, and inorganic flame retardant compatibility is poor, affinity is not good, thus greatly reduce the impact resistance of the material, or the material loss of flexibility therefore, the mechanical properties of materials are often less demanding situations.

2., inorganic flame retardants, such as three oxidation, two antimony and zinc borate, are often used as flame retardants, but their flame-retardant effects are mainly on assisting other halogenated and other flame retardants, and their own flame-retardant effects are very low, or almost nothing.

Environmentally friendly flame retardant 3. abroad, many of them also to the corresponding materials have relatively high flame retardant efficiency, and can produce good mechanical properties and appearance have good flame retardant materials, but perhaps because of the price and technology, present and promote in the China is not very good.

The flame retardants with good performance are generally satisfied below:

1. with high flame retardancy efficiency, it can easily make the flame retardant material reach its due flame retardant grade;

2., the physical properties of the material have little influence, and the physical properties of the flame retardant material after use should not be changed too much.

3., it has good compatibility with materials. It can disperse evenly in the flame retardant materials, and has good affinity. 4., the processing technology is feasible, and the traditional technology can be used.

4. can bear the price, has a higher price ratio, the cost of fire retardant material can be accepted by the market.

5. environmental protection, non-toxic, no harmful substances release.


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