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Analysis on the development of zinc borate Market

In addition to zinc borate as a flame retardant, widely used in all kinds of fiber resin, rubber products, electrical insulation, flame retardant materials, electronic products, automobile parts, shell wall materials, wire and cable, flame retardant coatings etc. and smoke, but also can be used for wood, paper, pharmaceutical, water proof fabric, ceramic glaze, paint mildew, fungicides, preservatives, anti rust agent, such as zinc borate as automobile and ship primer anticorrosive coating. In addition, zinc borate can be used as a cosolvent in the low temperature fast firing process of new ceramics. It also has a broad application prospect in the preparation of antiwear and anti-wear lubricants.

At present, the application of zinc borate is still in the development stage in our country, with the future of the flame retardant to low toxic, non halogen, composite and smoke suppression and other directions, zinc borate as a flame retardant with superior performance, in our country will have broad prospects for development and utilization.


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