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Flame retardant, effective environmental protection to prevent fire.

1, Shandong five dimensional flame retardant is an efficient halogen free flame retardant. It is used as rubber intumescent flame retardant, and its product is white crystalline powder. It is nontoxic and tasteless. It is heated at 300 degrees below zero and its decomposition temperature is about 440~450 degrees. When high temperature is dehydrated into carbon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water are released when burning. This product does not contain halogen, heavy metal, no corrosion, and the product meets the requirements of EU environmental protection directive.

2, Shandong five dimensional flame retardants are mainly used as additive flame retardants, which can be widely applied to rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone rubber, nylon, phenolic resin and epoxy resin.

3, the addition amount of Shandong 5D flame retardant in rubber is: 25-30%, for example, with the use of 4-6% zinc borate, the flame retardant effect is the best and non melt drop.

Main uses: rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone rubber, phenolic resin, polyamide, epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyolefin and so on as flame retardants.


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