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There are so many kinds of flame retardants, how do you choose the right one?

At present, flame retardants are mainly organic and inorganic, halogen and non halogen. Is the organic nitrogen and phosphorus, bromine and compounds represented some inorganic flame retardant, mainly three oxidation two antimony, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, silicon flame retardant system etc..

Generally speaking, organic flame retardants have good affinity. In plastics, brominated flame retardants occupy an absolute advantage in organic flame retardants. Although there are many "disagreements" on environmental issues, it is difficult for them to replace other flame retardants.

In the non halogen flame retardant in red is a good flame retardant, has added advantages of small quantity, high flame retardant efficiency, low smoke, low toxicity and wide use etc.. The use of red phosphorus and aluminum hydroxide, expanded graphite and other inorganic flame retardants, made of composite phosphate / magnesium, phosphorus, phosphorus / aluminum / graphite and other non halogen flame retardant, can greatly reduce the use of flame retardant dosage, so as to improve the plastic products processing properties and physical mechanical properties. But ordinary red phosphorus are easily oxidized in air, moisture absorption, easy to cause the dust explosion, transportation difficulties, and polymer poor phase defects, the application scope is limited. To make up for this deficiency, in order to expand the scope of application of red phosphorus microencapsulation, we adopt advanced techniques, making Microencapsulated Red phosphorus. Microencapsulation in addition to overcome the drawbacks inherent in the red phosphorus, and has the advantages of high efficiency, low smoke, no toxic gases in the processing, its dispersion, physical and mechanical properties, thermal stability and flame retardant properties were improved.


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